Born on the Fourth of July, Katie Januck earned the nickname "firecracker," meant to pursue adventure and photograph the pulse-pounding life of fleeting moments. Inspired by unsung heroes' hard work, endless hours, bravery, and commitment, she lives in fast-paced environments. Januck dedicates her authenticity to their world defining her photography.       
Katie Januck received her BFA in Documentary Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. She was published in Fraction Magazine Issue 167 in 2023. Katie is known for her drive, determination, and time-management when it comes to her documentaries and work. 
Being fearless and kind, Katie documents the human experience in a heartbeat. Her rush of adrenaline is what fuels her story telling. Guided by her grandpa’s words, "keep it smiling," she imbues her work with warmth and humanity, capturing narratives that will be remembered forever.  

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